Friday, January 13, 2012

There is a Day! :)

In hope I wait for You my Lord, your saving grace I don’t deserve,
My heart is quieted by the thought, that You will surely soon return,
With trumpet sound the dead will rise to join You in the sky,
And then Your bride shall be with You, forever to abide,
Please may my heart reside in truth, primed ready for that sound,
When shadow is cast into the dark and our bright bodies found,

To  lovers of dark a thief you’ll be, but we are of the light,
For us you are our conquering king, to lead us by Your might,

So ready be our deep desires, to rest on Christ the Rock secure,
Casting off all other thoughts, that cause us to remain impure,
Rejoice my heart for truth prevails, though fleshly hopes may die,
His joy shall ever fill my heart, then free from current sigh.
Praise Jesus for His love is better, than current heart’s desire,
In life beyond all thought and measure, we’re one with the Supplier.

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