Thursday, February 23, 2012

Incredible Hope

Another quick point of interest found in Joshua
The people of Israel crossed the Jordan into their Land of promise by a miracle. God was with them, even though many of them were uncircumcised while growing up in the wilderness, He was still keeping them according to His promise. How much more will He do for those who are being given an unshakeable promised land in Jesus Christ? They had the ark of the covenant, but we (by His grace) have His Holy Spirit dwelling in us, guiding and leading us. They had the commander of the Lord's army fighting the battles for them, but we have the King of kings, and Lord of lords who has won the victory on our behalf. (Rejoice the Lord is King! ) We can even put on the full armor of God and find strength in His mighty power, so that we can stand firm against not mere flesh and blood enemies like the Israelites, but even against all the schemes and forces of the evil one. Reading how God took care of Israel and fulfilled His promises is amazing. And knowing that the same God Almighty is for us, loves us, and promises us an inheritance in Jesus is also so fantastic that I often can't fathom just how fantastic it is. I read the book of Revelations again today, and even though some of the imagery  is way beyond me, I can't help but be awed. God is so good, amazing, awesome and wonderful!! (far beyond my understanding and imagination) How incredible our hope is in Christ Jesus!

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