Monday, June 19, 2006


If you're getting bored of seeing my newer blog postings, feel free to view my old ones by going through the archives section of my blog!

I recommend October 2005 and November 2005

Click on the link you would like to check out(Thanks Yogger)
Happy Hunting


shinbone #4 said...

hmmm archives hey - what kind of dirt could I dig up on you in there I wonder.... You know the worst thing about archives is the spiders... once I got a spider bite on my upper lip, it swelled up so fast!! And so big, it was freakish...
ummm -okay bye

Yogger said...

Is this kinda like "Chronicles of a Mind: Greatest Hits, Volume 1"?

Why don't you highlight some of your fav blogs and give us some links to them?


Dedicated Fan Yogger

my 5 cents said...

What I am thinking sometimes. HAHA, so simple.

shinbone #4 said...

yah... what he said :D

Yogger said...

The word "Archives" sounds like a type of food you put on your pizza. Am I the only one that thinks this?