Monday, January 09, 2006


John here are some points to ponder:

1. The spiritual can influence the physical, but the physical can’t directly affect the spiritual(Physical= mass, energy etc. Spiritual=???)

2. If physical can physically affect spiritual, then man could alter or affect the unshakable, constant, steadfast, eternal.

3.Spiritual is made unshakable, constant, steadfast, eternal. Physical is made destructible, chaotic, temporal.

4. God created all eternal and spiritual things as well as the physical. He made everything that is visible and invisible and all eternal beings i.e. Angels, mans spirit, unclean spirits, demons, and everything else I don’t fully understand. He is therefore not just greater, but infinitely greater... surpassing all angels or demons(the devil included) in power and in every other way.

5. God is eternal yet even eternity in its’ fullness is subject to only Him. And so it can be said that only God is God. The All-powerful, All-knowing, All-present God of everything and anything.

6. If God knows the beginning and the end is eternity itself a created thing? Time is created but is eternity part of time or something else?

7.God is Spirit(is that a created aspect of God for our explanation or part of an uncreated eternal?)

8. God is so much greater than anything anyone could invent with the imagination of a created mind. He is greater than any man made god and greater than mans atheism.

9. I do not understand eternity or God and even these thoughts of God are subject to error because they come from theories and guesses I have made. How can man understand God. How foolish we can be to try to explain God as we are His creation not His creator. All we can know of Him is what He chooses to reveal to us and gives us understanding about.

10. There is not a part of me that wasn’t created by God right down to every part of every atom in my body was masterfully created by Him. Even the abilities of my brain, whether the ability to breathe, smell, taste, see, hear, even my personalty, my thought processes and everything that makes We were truly wonderfully and marvelously made. Can anyone or anything say the same about Him. No!

These points to ponder are just interesting to me. They let me unmask some of my unfounded preconceived ideas about God and the spiritual realm. And they let me realize just how amazing it is that He loves us. I can know that His promises are not subject to some physical or spiritual force but they come from Him who is able. It is not just a coincidence that His name means “I AM”. He is!

I ‘ll end with a children’s song that we are never too old to use in singing His praises.

“My God IS so big so strong and so mighty there is nothing my God can not do. The mountains are His... the rivers are His... the stars are His handy work too... My God IS so big so strong and so mighty there is nothing my God can not do. For you!”

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